My general development blog; all thoughts my own and not reflective of any clients, companies, etc.

My Programming History

Early Years I still remember when our first computer arrived. It was the original IBM PC and when I saw the monitor I thought it was a new television. Everything was text-based and monochrome. It was awesome. Of course, as time marched on we’d get color ASCII graphics and eventually EGA, but I digress. My earliest memories with programming were trying to mimic BASIC code that my older brothers wrote for various games they created to amuse themselves.

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Migrating from Azure to Linux

Intro This is more of a historical reference than a how-to guide. Most of this work was done in January and February, although I’ve since revisited both projects on occasion since then. I’ll be covering two separate sites, Wetzdoku and WetzNet. The first was very light and the second was fairly complex (what I’d loosely call “medium”). Both sites were migrated for the same reasons: cost and flexibility. My LLC was graduating from BizSpark, so I’d no longer have the free Azure credits.

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Hugo Migration

Quick History The initial version of my portfolio here on WetzDev was an Angular 1.x web application. It was read-only with JSON files on the server; it was simply a proof-of-concept. After a little while I added a server component in Nancy that worked with DocumentDB on Azure. I re-used some image management logic I created for WetzNet. As I was already re-using code, I simply made the admin screens in Nancy and kept Angular as a readonly front end.

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