Find Her Gift

A personalized shopping and ecommerce site


Initially this project was going to have a minimal design with just a storefront (and not an actual shopping cart) for a small selection of product samples. The earliest iterations were a fully custom web app using C#, FubuMVC, IIS, and SQL Server. Once the owner decided on a full ecommerce experience, we did an abreviated software selection process and ended up choosing OpenCart, a PHP-based shopping cart.


The key feature was a personalized shopper experience, in which the customer was led through a wizard for retrieving information that would help the owner personalize the gift for the intended recipient. As this was something that was often in flux from the get go, I implemented a dynamic form generator that I could adjust as needed without touching code for things like labels, field order, etc. This was implemented in the initial project and was migrated to PHP and MySql. It included the ability to upload and manage multiple images.

The site had a custom landing page and the theme was adjusted to the client's preferences. In addition, the admin was customized to include additional menu items and pages to help manage the site. Vqmod was used to dynamically override OpenCart code to make system updates faster and less error prone.