Web app for browsing and rating media, such as albums, books, games.



A site primarily driven by user content, but complimented by utilizing third party APIs for additional content such as Musicbrainz (for song lists and artwork).

Site: wetz.net


It's often my test app for new technologies and techniques. It started life as a static html site before rolling most of that content into a simple PHP 3 and MySql app. I then migrated to a custom .NET app, streamlining the database architecture in the process. I integrated the site with the early versions of Community Server (aka Telligent Community) in order to host my first blog (as well as general purpose forums and galleries for the site). I grew disenchanted with Community Server and eventually dropped it. I rewrote the app from scratch using FubuMVC, working through various strategies such as cached repositories. As that project seemed to be in a tailspin and I soured entirely on the repository pattern, I migrated to Nancy. For a few years it was hosted on Azure, utilizing queues and WebJobs for various offline/long-running processing tasks. I've since migrated again; while still utilizing Nancy, it's now on .NET Core and hosted on a linux VM. The primary change required for Nancy was to switch from the Spark view engine to the built-in SSVE (Super Simple View Engine), which at the time of the migration was the only one available on .NET Core.