Common utility and extension methods for .NET projects to improve quality-of-life for the developer.


NuGet package

Github repo

An open source project on Github and available for use via Nuget, targeting netstandard2.0. The focus is on quality-of-life helpers for the programmer with opinionated implementation (e.g. DateTime.IsEmpty() performing a null check as well as ensuring it’s not equal to MinDate, a typical default value).

It’s largely from a collection of files I’ve passed around from project to project for years, so I thought it would be useful to consolidate them into a single library for consistency. I also took the opportunity to cull methods that have been superseded by newer language/tool features (e.g. instead of a default null check, now you can simply do something like foo?.MyProperty ?? myDefault).

I’ve included some methods that are largely one-off, but might prove useful for others (or myself) down the line.